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Working with sport psychologists



It’s all in the mind. Decision-making, creativity, expectation, pressure, concentration, emotional control … I could go on. In fact, I will: winning ugly, raising your game, determination, perseverance, seeing an opportunity, varying your tactics, relaxing, remaining positive … it’s all in the mind. Well, where else would it be?

I think most coaches recognise the vital role the mind plays in winning tennis matches. Many things we say as coaches to players during matches have a psychological aspect Stay with it’, ‘Dig in’, ‘Find a way’, ‘Keep trying’, ‘Concentrate’ ‘Right here, right now’. However, for some reason, sport psychologists are not seen as physical trainers, they are seen as physiotherapists. The perception is that they fix things that are broken. We accept that physical trainers will develop stronger muscles, we should accept that sport psychologists will develop stronger minds.

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