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The right shot selection

In tennis, particularly at the professional level, players win points through well executed shot combinations.

In this example, Dominic Thiem starts the point by serving wide to Wawrinka who then starts the point with a safe crosscourt return. The return is too weak to keep Thiem from attacking and he is then able to attack and use a sharp crosscourt forehand to open the court. The ball lands short, which creates more angle and pushes Wawrinka off the court.

The distance between the bounce and the contact point demonstrates the effectiveness of this shot. Wawrinka is forced outside the doubles side line, this shot allows Thiem to step into the court looking to play the ball early and take more time away from his opponent.

The court is now open for a down the line shot which is exactly what Theim decides to do. Wawrinka is standing about 7 meters away from an effective down the line shot as Thiem makes contact with the ball. As expected, this forehand becomes a winner.

This point is a good example of effectively building a point and using the right shot at the right time to win a point.

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