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Developing a young tennis player: A parent´s guide

Photographer: Rowland Charles Goodman

The development process of a young tennis player is complex and can be challenging for any parent. There are many obstacles to overcome simultaneously and learning how to cope with these can be overwhelming. Goal setting and developing a strategy are essential components to the success of the player. Parents play pivotal roles in supporting the athlete throughout the development process. This article discusses the aforementioned aspects and is based on “The Tennis Parent´s Bible” by Frank Giampaolo.


Like gasoline and fire, educated parents can accelerate a child´s success. In today´s world, coaching has moved past the athletic playing field and into every aspect of life. A knowledgeable, educated primary tennis parent can be one of the best ways to contribute to a player´s success. If the child´s involvement or intention in tennis is different to that that of the parent, or vice versa, it could lead to conflict or miscommunications. Try to establish the reasons why as a parent it is important that your child participates in tennis and communicate with them as to their aspirations.

The best players were motivated by very powerful forces. Find out what is motivating your child.

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