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Presentations from the ITF Worldwide Participation Conference 2018

World Participation Conference

The ITF’s inaugural Worldwide Participation Conference took place in July 2018 in London. 31 speakers presented at the event, all of them top executives, directors and experts of different tennis and sport organisations. These presentations can help coaches and industry leaders alike to understand the challenges in sport, and drive participation by listening to best practice examples.

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  • Judy Murray
    Judy Murray
    Attracting and retaining more female tennis players
  • Katrina Adams
    Katrina Adams
    Strategies for attracting more women to participate in sport and physical activity
  • Kate Dale
    Kate Dale
    How This Girl Can got 3.9 million women more active
  • Katie Sadleir
    Katie Sadleir
    Accelerating the global development of women in rugby
  • Craig Morris
    Craig Morris
    The future of tennis is in your hands
  • Craig Morris
    Machar Reid
    Understanding the international tennis participation landscape through data
  • Craig Morris
    Luca Santilli and Miguel Crespo
    Global tennis participation report
  • Kit
    Kit McConnell
    Sports participation & the Olympic Movement
  • Yasu
    Yasu Hatakeyama
    National Association Case Studies: Japan
  • Kit
    Andrew Ryan
    Utilising data and measuring insight
  • Kit
    Babette Pluim
    Health Benefits of Tennis
  • Kit
    Paul Burditt
    Giving the grassroots a voice
  • Kit
    Michael Downey
    The drive for year-round tennis
  • Kit
    Stéphane Morel
    The example of the Roland Garros eSeries
  • Kit
    Mike Wragg
    Using data & insight to grow the sport
  • Kit
    Paul Cammack
    Improving the quality of delivery
  • Kit
    Phalkun Mam
    Strategies used by Tennis Cambodia to drive participation