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What is Tennis iCoach and who is it for?

Tennis iCoach is the official coaching platform by the Intenational Tennis Federation. It is a coach education resource offering both practical information and tennis specific sport science content on technique, tactics, biomechanics, psychology, sports medicine and coaching methodology. Tennis iCoach provides exclusive access to presentations and interviews from the ITF Worldwide and Regional Coaches Conferences where members can learn about cutting edge developments in the game from the world’s top coaches and coach education experts. The website is best suited for coaches, parents and players of the game of tennis.

How much does it cost to be a member?

A membership to Tennis iCoach costs $30 per year for unrestricted access to content online. You can sign up by clicking here. However, Tennis iCoach also offers free membership for coaches of National Associations that are part of our National Association Membership Plan, please contact your National Association to find out if you are eligible for free membership. You can contact your national association by clicking here

What types of content does Tennis iCoach offer, and what do the coloured icons mean?

The coloured icons are designed to indicate the type of content available and to help members search content more easily. There are several different types of content on Tennis iCoach, including text and video among other formats. They are explained here:

  • Strokes library - this includes any videos or sequence photos of tennis players' strokes only. Conferences or articles would not be included here.
  • Articles - these are written text articles with the majority taken from the leading coaching journal, the ITF Coaching and Sport Science Review.
  • Conference ppt - a presentation at a conference, where the presenter used an accompanying powerpoint file. These tend to be more theoretical and often will not contain any exercises on court.
  • Conference no ppt - a conference presentation usually on court. These tend to be more practical based and often contain lots of drills or exercises.
  • Drills - this refers to content that solely contains exercises and drills. These videos are usually much shorter than conferences and get straight to the practical side of things.
  • Interviews - a series of questions put to an expert or well renowned coach.
  • Standard videos - these are anything in video format, that do not pertain to any of the above types of content i.e. are not strokes, interviews and are not from a conference. Examples include videos on competition formats for Tennis10s, as well as tactical videos explaining strategy for advanced players. 

I have forgotten my username and password, where can I retrieve it?

Your username is your email address. If you are unsure which email you registered with Tennis iCoach, email and a new password and username will be provided.

Can I reset my password?

You can reset your password here

What is the Tennis iCoach National Association Membership Plan?

Tennis iCoach offers memberships for National Associations which can provide a significant saving and cost effective way to educate coaches and staff. This extra benefit provided to coaches by the National Association and Tennis iCoach allows unrestricted access to content for free for eligible coaches. For more information on how to join the Tennis iCoach National Association Membership plan, please email

How can I find out if I am eligible for free membership through the Tennis iCoach National Association Membership Plan?

Please contact your National Association to find out if this membership benefit applies to you, contact details can be found here. If you belong to a National Association that is not part of the membership plan then you will need to register and pay the $30 subscription fee.

Is there any free content on Tennis iCoach?

Yes, you can view plenty of free content here. Every month Tennis iCoach publishes one of their presentations as an 'Editor's Pick' for free, these presentation contain full videos, including both on-court and off-court presentations or drills. The text articles are also free to view by non-members, however if you wish to have unrestricted access you will need to register, or simply log in if you are already a member.

How can I publish content on Tennis iCoach?

We would be happy to discuss the potential of sharing or colloborating with coaches, players, clubs, professors and experts to produce new content on Tennis iCoach. Please send an example of your content to with a detailed description of the purpose of the drills or methodology. We will only accept video content in HD format.

How can I join the mailing list and recieve the Tennis iCoach newsletter? 

If you would like to be added to the Tennis iCoach official mailing list please to subscribe to the site and you will then have the opportunity to sign up for our newsletters.