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Bernard Pestre

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Bernard has worked for the French Tennis Federation (FFT) since 1984. During the last fourteen years, he has been in charge of the FFT’s “Formation and Enseignement” (Training and Education) Department. As the Associate Technical Director of the FFT, he has taken part in the development of the high performance pathway and coaching strategy of the FFT for many years. He has produced many books and videos for the FFT on topics such as mental training, competition formats, pedagogy, etc. Prior to this, Bernard oversaw the development of France’s top Under21 boys among who were Boetsch, Delaître, Benhabiles, Raoux and Champion. He also captained French teams that competed in the Borotra Cup, European Winter Cup, World Youth Cup, Galea Cup and European Nations Cup. Bernard is also a member of the ITF Coaches Commission.