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Doug MacCurdy

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Doug MacCurdy is a tennis development specialist. He is currently heading Player Development and Coaching for the Turkish Tennis Federation. In recent years he has conducted extensive development initiatives in China, India, Thailand and Korea in conjunction with the ITF, Olympic Solidarity and the host nation. The areas of work involve training top players, system development and coaches’ education.

MacCurdy was director of USA Tennis Player Development from 1998 to 2001. In this capacity, he led the efforts of the United States Tennis Association (USTA) to develop competitive tennis players. Under his leadership the number of internationally ranked professional players increased dramatically, reversing a 30-year decline in the presence of American players in the world game.

From 1984 through 1997, MacCurdy was director of development for the International Tennis Federation. He advised national associations, implemented development programs, educated coaches and trained players in over 160 countries. In 1995, MacCurdy was named general manager of the ITF while continuing to serve as director of development.

Prior to moving to the ITF headquarters in London in 1984, MacCurdy was the director of instruction at the Lawrenceville Tennis Camp, chief coach for the ITF and a consultant to the USTA.

MacCurdy is a Master Professional of the United States Professional Tennis Association and an International Master Professional of the Professional Tennis Registry. He received the International Tennis Hall of Fame Educational Merit Award in 1993 and the ITF Award for Services to the Game in 1998. He served as a television commentator for the French Open from 1986 to 1997. He has been the technical advisor and actor in various instructional and documentary films, and was co-author of the book Sports Illustrated Tennis.