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Lorena Martin

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Lorena Martin is an applied behavioral scientist, quantitative methodologist, and exercise physiologist at the University of California San Diego (UCSD). She is an experienced statistics professor at Northwestern University where she developed the sports performance analytics course and is the sole author of Sports Performance Measurement and Analytics book. She specializes in the use of statistical methods in the fields of sports and health behavior. Dr. Martin is an active researcher and consultant in the areas of health and exercise physiology, where she makes extensive use of traditional statistical and predictive models. Lorena has a strong background in sports and athletics. As a former tennis player that competed at the college, amateur, and at the professional level, Dr. Martin is especially interested in variables that affect performance and sports analytics. She completed three years of post-doctoral training in preventive medicine at the UCSD School of Medicine and holds a doctorate in exercise physiology from the University of Miami. Prior to academia, she served as program director of the Sports Medicine program at Keiser University and as a biostatistician consultant to several hospitals as well as well to professional sports teams in the NBA and MLB. Lorena has published on both tennis and health research in numerous top scientific journals and has been invited to present at both national and international conferences.